Kool+ Anti Fog Dry Cleaning Cloth

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1.Wipe surface of the lens before use.

2.Fog both sides of lens by breathing on it, then wipe with our Kool+ Dry Anti-Fog cloth for 20 seconds each side. 

3.The anti-fog effect lasts up to 8 hours.


• Our anti-fog cloth can be reused up to 300 times. 

• Keep cloth back in box after use. 

• Please note that the cloth is not washable.

• Recommended to wipe daily.

Suitable for various scenarios:

• Wear a mask

• Spectacle lenses

• Googles

• Camera lens

• Helmet

• Cosmetic mirror

• Windshield

Cloth size: 14.5cm x 15.5cm

Sale Kool+ Anti Fog Dry Cleaning Cloth
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Protective casing set

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