About Us


KoolOptix are the ORIGINAL Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids online! Our glasses are designed to protect both kids and adults from the harmful effects of blue light in today’s digital world.  We believe that healthier eyes equals happier kids. 


Your kids' eyes face detrimental consequences when exposed to blue light for a prolonged period. The average time that kids spend on screens has doubled in four years,  according to various surveys. These mediums radiate the high-intensity blue light. If your eyes are not shielded against it, it begins to pose the following side effects:

• Dryness and itchiness of eyes
• Continual eye-fatigue
• Headache leading to long-term ailments such as migraine
• Disturbed sleep patterns
• Mental exhaustion

Researchers have said that blue light causes thermal stress that can lead to long term problems of “age-related macular degeneration.” As a responsible parent, you must invest in high-quality blocking glasses for kids.